Thursday, December 6, 2007

Not much new to report except it is COLD COLD COLD outside!!!

Its 31 degrees at 7:30 pm and its dipping down into the 20's tonight. On the news tonight, they are saying we will be up to 75 degrees on Monday. Wow, what a difference!! I think we will finally get our outside lights up then. We don't put up too many but Charlie MUST put up his Christmas palm trees so he can "wish" we were back in Florida. He's been waiting for it to warm up so I say Monday sounds good for that.

I went back to the allergy dr today and they ran a bunch of blood tests. If I don't take my Allegra everyday, then I either get hives on my feet or my lips swell up. The last skin tests they did about 2 months ago showed I am ONLY allergic to cats (which I already knew that!) and we don't even have a cat. So it must be something!! I won't get the results back till Dec 20th. That sure seems like a long time!! They took like 7 vials of blood. I'm surprised I have any left!! LOL

Oh I know what happened today that was exciting!! I got an email from a person wanting to know if she could BUY 3 snowmen Christmas ornaments. How cool is that?! So I will ship those off in the next day or so. I was so excited!!

No more snow flurries. I knew they wouldn't last! Darn!!


2 Worlds said...

Today in Nj was 25 when I went to work, gee !

Lesa said...

7 vials!!! I hope for your sake they find a reason this time. Don't forget your Allegra!! And congrats on selling some of your snowmen ornaments - you rock! 75 on monday? Geesh - I am moving to NC. Sounds like my kind of weather. ;)