Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Emily's latest math project - Cupcakes anyone?

The first thing Emily had to do was build a Star Polyhedron out of paper. It could be any size.

Then she could make anything she wanted out of this star and she had to decorate the star by painting it and then working around that star.

She made these real-looking cupcakes. She could not use real food so we had to decide what would make great looking cupcakes. Went to HL and bought styrofoam balls, cut off the bottoms so they would be flat fitting in the cupcake liners. Found really cute cupcake liners with cupcakes on the liners (Erin, you would love the liners!). Can you see how cute the liners are Erin?

The frosting was next, what to use for the frosting? Next to the styrofoam balls was this Smooth Finish Paint and it is specifically used for styrofoam balls so we mixed some of that with some food coloring to get the different colors. The one cupcake with the "candle" in it has a different texture as the frosting. We used Decorative Snow for that one. It was a bit chunky so we tried the other stuff and that seemed to work out better. I think they came out really nice and let's see if she gets an A+++. lol


Erin said...

I love them! they look just like yummy real cupcakes!

I have those cupcake liners! ;)

Sharon said...

Great job, all that for a math project, wow. Christopher is making a pinata for Spanish class. His is a Halo 3 logo, that doesn't seem spanish to me LOL.

Lesa said...

Wow! How cool. And Emily is so lucky to have Mom help with the math project. Looks good enough to eat! I vote A+++.

shuggy said...

wow! i'm glad i didn't have to do anything like that in school! those are amazing!!!