Monday, December 17, 2007

Brrrr...its cold outside. Woke up to 24 degrees

and the grass went "crunch crunch" when the dogs walked on it. Finally got some much needed rain this weekend. We are like 16" BELOW where we should be and I think we got an inch but hey, we will take it!!! Going to be only in the mid 40's today and Charlie wants to look at new cars. Oh doesn't that sound like fun?? I need to get baking my Christmas cookies. Every night after dinner Charlie says "Sure would be nice to have some homemade Christmas cookies". Think he is hinting at something? LOL So maybe I can get to those today or tomorrow. Now the trick for ME is to not eat them all!


Smurfie93 said...

I made cookies last week with 5 other girls and we baked 10 different kinds and made about 1200 cookies. Tonight I did a cookie and ornament exchange and got 8 more dozen cookies. We have lots of cookies here. I made chocolate cherry thumbprint cookies for the exchange, they are easy and good.

We had a hight of 15 today LOL.

Lesa said...

That's my downfall to homebaked cookies as well .....eating too many of them! Enjoy your cold weather and please take mine! hehehe HUGS