Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hey, I am FAMOUS.

I got word today from my great stamping friend Joanie that she saw one of my cards in the latest Take 10 Magazine. I am on page 65 and here is one of the many cards I sent them.

I have no idea if I get a free copy of Take 10 but I can't wait to find out so I am going to my stamp store tomorrow to get my own copy. I wanna see my name in print myself! LOL I have been wanting to submit cards for a long time and finally got the nerve to do it over the summer. Now maybe I will submit some more cards. Can't wait to get my copy!!!


Lesa said...

WooHoo - Congrats - Bravo! You are famous now and love that stinkin' cute card! Keep submitting girl! WTG. P.S. Wish you wre closer to bake with me too. ;)

Erin said...


You do realize that the first time you sent stuff to publication you got published? You are one for one! :)

shuggy said...

woo hoo! congrats! although i think you were famous before this!!!