Monday, July 9, 2007

So I am thinking about a new blog name?

Any ideas anyone on a new blog name? This stamp company Magnolia who I am designing for has asked that I don't have any other stamped cards on my blog, besides their stamps so I think I will do a separate blog from my family blog and just make this my family blog from now on. I don't know.

Any ideas??!?!??! I will send a prize to the person's I pick :)


Kim said...

This may sound corny, but what about Magnolia Blooms...kinda like your cards are blooms? Hmmm...sounded great in my head! LOL

Flossie's Follies said...

How about Magnolia Rubber Madness, or Magnolia Musing, or Magnolia Madness, think I have to go now, getting a little carried away.

scfranson said...

I like "The Magnolia Place"

jodene said...

My choice is Magnolia Dreams.

CAKVD said...

How about Magnolia Moments.
Cheryl KVD

Kathy W said...

My suggestion is Magnolia Magic.

doverdi said...'s my suggestions for a new blog name:
1. Blooming Magnolia's
2. Sherri's Magnolia Creations
3. Magnolia Creations by Sherri
4. For the Love of Magnolia's
5. Magnolia Ponderings

Well thats it for me. lol

Pattyjo said...

Sherries Stamp Album
Stampin Paper Caper
Sherries Stamping Art

Cathy said...

This is fun and congrats on getting to design for Magnolia.

How about...

Sherri's Magnolia Dreams

Magnolia Images on Paper

Thanks for a chance.

Linda SS said...

The moment I saw those chubby cheeked faces I fell in love with them:) How about Magnolia MugShots.

Nancy Grant said...

You have some great suggestions above. Here's mine: STRICTLY Magnolia
Hope that helps,

scrappintrish said...

Sherri's Magnolia Palace.