Friday, July 13, 2007

Emily is doing great since her wisdom teeth came out.

Charlie & Nicholas are having TOO MUCH fun in FL I think. Neither of them wants to come home. How can that be? Its so hot down there! It was 62 degrees here this morning - now that is my kind of weather!! And its only 75 here today and overcast. I picked my first RED tomato this morning. I have 6 tomato plants and one of them has the leaves all eaten of it so my neighbor says I have this worm that I need to find and get rid of him. Does this mean I have to SQUISH him? Ugh! I looked and looked and did not see any worm. He said to go out first thing in the morning so if I can wake up early enough I will go out tomorrow and give the whole plant a looking over!! I don't want him to eat all my leaves off!! The rest of the garden is doing great! I have more cucumbers than I know what to do with and they are absolutely HORRID tasting so I think I am just going to dig up the whole plant and throw it away!!! The cucumbers are real bitter. It must be something in my soil. Note to self - no cucumbers next year. Last year they were awful too.

If you are still reading this far, I am NOT doing a new blog. So for those of you who helped me with a new blog name, thanks but I am not going to do one at the moment. I just think its going to be too hard to have 2 blogs going on at one time. So I will continue to post all of my cards on this blog, no matter what stamp company they are from.

Until next time ...


ellie said...

Tomato worms are uuuugggggly! They are fat and have 2 little horns. Not that any worms are cute...but some are cuter than others I guess! Happy hunting!
PS I am glad to hear that Emily is doing well. Chris got dry sockets when he had his out and it was so not fun!

Smurfie93 said...

Oh yuck, memories...I had dry sockets too. Not fun. Glad Emily is doing better. As for the worm, yes you definitely want to find him. I think it will eventually eat the tomatoes too. I picked my first cherry tomato today too. There were two yesterday that were almost ready. When I went out today one was half eaten so I ate the other one right away.

Too bad about the cukes. I just did a search about bitter cukes and some say it is the soil or the seeds. One even said she put a night vision camcorder out and found out that tomcats were spraying the plants, now that is gross!