Wednesday, June 27, 2007

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Stay off the roads ....

Emily got her drivers permit today!!! We went to a little town called Albemarle (if you were a Kelly Pickler fan from American Idol this is where she was from). Anyway, the DMV wait in Concord is like 4-5 hours so we went to Albemarle where alot of people do go and waited in line for 5 minutes :). She passed it and I let her drive us home. Now the fun begins for mom & dad!! HA HA
Emily also got her schedule for 10th grade:
Weight Training (yes you read that right!)
Comp & Literature
Spanish 1
Civics & Economics
English 2
That 's for the whole year. I think she has the first 4 classes the first semester and the last 4 the 2nd semester. I'm just glad I am not in high school anymore. No thanks!!!


Smurfie93 said...

She must of done pretty good if you were still able to post a message on your blog after driving you home. Way to go Emily! Congratulations. Christopher has to wait until he is 15 1/2 up here to learn to drive. By the way if your newspapers ever have a mother daughter look alike contest then you two should enter, Emily sure does look like you.

Aunt T said...

Congrats to Emily - yes Mom and Dad - the real fun now begins :)

Tough schedule - I'm glad high school is a thing of the past in our house - way too many expectations for our kids these days :)


Amy said...

WTG Em!!!