Thursday, May 17, 2007

Has it been a whole week since I posted some updates?

gee, where has the week gone?!? Or has it been longer than that?! Let's see, the school year is winding down ... only 3 more weeks of school left. The kids cannot wait! Emily is thinking of trying out for the yearbook staff and for cross country. She got the schedule for cross country and wow, training starts the second school gets out and she has to run 2 miles every single day for 60 days then it increases to almost 3 miles I think by the time cross country actually starts. She hasn't decided what she is doing yet. For yearbook, she has to have 2 teachers recommend her AND one of the teachers must be her English teacher and she MUST have an A average. Nicholas had his last skate night tonight with the elementary school. They went once a month and he never missed it! Not much else is new ... Until next time :)

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jerilyn said...

What a cute blog! Love it! More updates, please.