Saturday, April 21, 2007

Emily started driver's ed this morning ..

how is even possible my "little girl" is old enough to start Driver's Ed? Its just hard to believe. She will go 5 Saturdays in a row from 8-2 so that is 30 hours class time and will have 6 hours of drive time. Then she can get her driver's permit on her birthday (June 25th). She is so excited to get driving (I'm not so sure I am).

Charlie made it back last night. He said all the snow birds were headed north so traffic was really heavy. Most Canadian cars :).

Yesterday was a record day for bringing back eggs. I collected 15!!! And there was 1 I could not reach so I just left it there. I need to get a step ladder and leave it down there I guess. ha

I have been giving away eggs to Nicholas' school and to a few other people and I still have more than plenty.

That's it for now. I think I may go back to bed... this is too early to get up on a Saturday.


Mom said...

The fun is just beginning. Go Emily.

Smurfie93 said...

So have you eaten any of those eggs yet? What do you think. Maybe Nicholas should sell them for some extra cash HAHA. I think I pay $1.50 a dozen when i get them from a chicken lady.

Smurfie93 said...

I can't believe that Emily is going to be driving. I finally felt comfortable driving with my nephew in Florida when we were just there. You can't start here until you are 15 1/2. Good luck to Emily and you too!!!

caryn said...

Seems like such a short time ago that Emily was in my arms screaming as I circled your house a dozen times trying to allow you a quiet dinner! Now when she is gone driving without you, you'll be circling your home with worry!

pretty cool egg situation. Hi to Charlie!