Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday ....

Charlie's birthday was yesterday so we had everyone over the day. It was great to see everybody. Yesterday was also Concord High School's chance to go to the Basketball Finals in Raleigh and they won the state championship in their division. Go Spiders!!! (They had won the football title in January!)

Nicholas has a project coming up about WW 2 and he has to interview someone who was alive during that time. We called "grandma Thacker" and he asked her a bunch of questions so he has a pretty good head start on his report. She remembered quite a bit. She was 18 years old when WW2 started.

Nicholas and I went to see the movie "Wild Hogs". LOVED IT! It was so funny!!! John Travolta was just great in it!! I laughed through the whole thing! Go see it!!

My crocus are blooming out by the front. They are so tiny I nearly missed them! We planted white ones and purple ones. I took a photo of each :).