Thursday, March 15, 2007

I got the cutest surprise in the mail today. Check out his photo to the right.

My friend Chris in Michigan surprised me with the cutest moose!! It is so cute. It has a stampaholic tshirt on and a stamp in 1 hand. Is that me or what? :) Of course, she is a stampaholic too. She is on the Stamp Shack website with me and we have met once in person in Greensboro at the stamp convention there. She recently moved into a new house and has been offline for at least a month although it seems like a year!! Chris, thank you so much for the adorable moose and I hope you get hooked up to the internet real soon. We miss your funny notes!!!

I have been busy volunteering alot this week. I helped at the high school on Tuesday - they don't need me that often but it was 10th grade writing testing and they need proctors so I went in to help for that. Yesterday and today I helped the kindergartners write sentences. Some can do it great and some have no idea how to put the words down on paper to make a sentence. Its so cute how they try and spell out their words by sounding out every single letter :).

We are having beautiful 80 degree weather this week and we've all been in shorts and flip flops. Unfortunately its not here to stay as we are dipping back down into the 30's this weekend but it sure has been nice!! Some of my flowers are starting to bloom too and the whole city of Charlotte just is many many colors with all the pretty flowers blooming all over!!! We didn't see this in Florida :).


Smurfie93 said...

I love the moose, she is so cute. Of course, I collect moose so I love them all. We were spoiled by a day of 70 degree weather and now back in the 30's although no sign of color here yet.

Suzi said...

Adorable moose!!! We had 80s for 3 days & now we're back to the 40s. Guess I shaved my legs for nutin'

Thanh said...

Soooo cute, that little moose is. I love the fact that they are associated with Canadians. lol