Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tonight was Emily's first soccer game. We were shocked to see it lasted 80 MINUTES!!

WOW!! That was a long game! Unfortunately, the Concord Spiders lost 8-0 but we still clapped and cheered them on. It was 49 degrees and none of us thought to bring our jackets so we froze the whole time (felt much colder than that!). The next game is home again on Thursday night. This time we ALL will bring our jackets and long johns. LOL

Think I will go warm up with some of my homemade hot cocoa :). Mmmmm good!!!

I just noticed I am almost at 2,000 hits already! WOW!!!


Suzi said...

Well, there is no where else to leave comments about the music so I'll do it here!! Good music, nothing ugly or dirty about this song!!!

Smurfie93 said...

Sorry that you froze, we would be loving 49 here.

I like the music to auto play better, then I can turn it off if I want to. I can't remember to click play, LOL. Love the choice of songs by the way, is it showing our age HAHA.

Check my blog when you get a chance, www.smurfie93.blogspot.com I don't update as much as you tho but this way you can keep an eye on me too.