Thursday, February 1, 2007

Its snowing, its snowing in Concord !!!!

The telephone woke me up with the school system saying no school today. I looked outside and I saw this white stuff falling from the sky. I haven't seen this very much you all know :) so it was pretty exciting. Then Nicholas comes running down (the phone had woke him up too, this was at 6 am). He ran outside and started making snowballs. We now have 5 in the freezer! ha ha

We are supposed to be up to 4" so I can take some pretty photos with that much. I may not be able to keep Nicholas inside!

Will update later.

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Samantha J Designs said...

Hey! I live in Concord as well. LOVE the snow we got today. Still had to work though :-(

Had to take some pictures as "proof" that we actually got snow. lol!

Talk to you soon. It's neat to find others that live where you do.