Monday, February 19, 2007

Do I start a whole new blog just because people cannot leave me comments?

I don't know what i did to my blog but no one has left me a comment in several days and I finally figured out that I must've deleted something in my blog not letting anyone leave me a comment ... so I called Suzi and asked her to help me. I went to or something like that and neither one of us can figure it out.

I think I will leave it as is for now and if you are just dying to leave me a comment, you can always click on the little envelope under each section and then it come to me via email.

No new news to report on the alpacas. We went back to the show yesterday hoping to talk to more people and learn more about these gentle animals but everyone was too busy showing their fleece in the show ring so alot of people weren't there for us to talk with. Oh well. We're still trying to figure out what makes these animals SO MUCH $$$$.... Till later .....


Suzi said...

No, you should NOT do a new blog. I think, in time, you will figure out what went wrong w/the comment thing & then, once it's fixed, you will wish you had never fixed it 'cause some looney bird will have to post on EVERY SINGLE POST SINCE YOU LOST THE COMMENT and, for some unknown reason, you will have said you want to approve EVERY COMMENT & then you will have to approve every comment that weirdo leaves and you will then have to post to ask how to BLOCK somoene from your blog and then further post asking the question "what constitutes a run-on sentance??"

shuggy said...

yes. cause why have a blog if we can communicate with you?? huh??

(do people get my humor or just me??)