Thursday, February 22, 2007

Break out the shorts and flip flops !!!!

Its going to be in the low 70's today. WOO HOO!!!! That will be so nice!!

I have to volunteer this morning for an hour then I am meeting Linda at Cracker Barrell for lunch. She is bringing me my 5 boxes of girl scout cookies I ordered from Mindy. Emily woke up with a fever and a cough so she's going to stay home today from school.


Suzi said...

Not quite that warm here. I think it got into the 50s. Nice for this time of year. Better than last week (well, not from MY point of view but the vast majority feels that way). What kinda GS cookies did you buy???

Suzi said...

Oh yeah, sorry to her Emily is sick. I hope she's not ill for long.

Anonymous said...

I like the song you have on now.
So sorry to hear of Robin, it is not fair at all. she has been through so much, and now this. take care Loretta.